The Society of Medical Friends of Wine was founded in 1939 by Leon D. Adams, a noted authority on the Wines of America.  His vision for the Society was to bring doctors from the Northern California area together in membership in order to stimulate scientific research on wine and develop an understanding of wine's beneficial effects.

The Society of Medical Friends of Wine is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.  Since its inception, SMFW has provided wine and health education while advocating that alcohol should be used in moderation. We have given occasional research grants to qualified investigators to study alcohol use. We run this website to help disseminate and discuss information about the medical effects of wine. 

We believe that wine is best enjoyed with food and to that end we host four dinners per year where wines of all types are compared and discussed. We also host an annual wine tour, visiting nearby wine growers, and occasionally organize overseas tasting tours.  For more information about our activities, click the buttons below:

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