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A Canadian site, Éduc’alcool is an independent, not-for-profit organization. Its members are parapublic institutions, alcoholic beverage industry associations and individuals from various milieus (public health, education, journalism), who, fully of aware of their social responsibility, implement information, education and prevention programs designed to help young people and adults make enlightened, responsible decisions about drinking. Éduc’alcool’s commitment is accurately reflected in its slogan : La moderation a bien meilleur goût / Moderation is always in good taste.

The European Forum for Responsible Drinking (EFRD)

This group is an alliance of leading European spirits producers supporting targeted initiatives to promote responsible drinking. These initiatives focus on attitudinal and awareness programs, responsible marketing and self-regulation as well as the promotion of a better understanding of the evidence base.

Vin & Sante

In French, this site provides wine and health articles.

Wine Institute

A California wine trade organization whose mission is to initiate and advocate state, federal and international public policy to enhance the environment for the responsible consumption and enjoyment of wine.

Drinking and You

Advice about sensible alcohol consumption, national government guidelines and health.

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